Oilfield Equipment


– Designed according to custom request (volumes, configuration, materials and equipment), including all connection between tanks and equipment for mud circulation.
– Mud tanks constructed in a variety of sizes and styles based on  client’s  requirements, carefully tested for durability, dependability and longevity.
– Solids control equipment (shale shakers, mud cleaners, degassers, centrifuges , produced by famous companies:  BRANDT-NOV, DERRICK Corporation, MI SWACO etc).
– Mud system designs remove destructive solids and sediment from mud, resulting in fluid retention, reduced wear on equipment, more efficient mud agitation, efficient cleanout maintenance  and a safer work environment.
– Discharge manifolds  from mud pumps, double stand pipe c/w stand pipe manifold including  butt-weld hammer unions, pipes and valves  up to 7500 psi, pressure tested and NDE.
– Mobile mud tanks mounted on semi-trailers, with ground positioning system at the site.
– Arctic-winterized mud system with heating system, custom built.

BMD – Georg Fischer Semiautomatic – System Moulding and Casting

The cast iron and steel parts are fabricated by means of a compuetr-assisted semiautomatic system. The moulding machine applying the DYNAPLUS procedure assures a high degree of compactness (by pressing impulses ranging from 60 bar to 270 bar) and homogeneity (by pressing through 72 pistong that fallow the configuration of pattern).

• Steel Parts – mass : from 10 kg to 300 kg – valves : bonnets and bodies – housings, flanges.. etc

• Cast Iron Parts – mass : from 10 kg to 380 kg – housings – railway waggons shoes – valves.. etc

• Categories and parts to be delivered – Blanks – cleaned, sandblasted, primary heat treatment applied – Scalped parts – primary heat treatement applied – Finished parts – final heat treatment applied. If required by the client the pressure test may be performed within the existing stands.

Dimensional control , LP / MP / Us / X-ray and Y-ray controls, metallographic control.

BMD - Georg Fischer Semiautomatic - System Moulding And Casting
BMD - Georg Fischer Semiautomatic - System Moulding And Casting
BMD - Georg Fischer Semiautomatic - System Moulding and Casting.pdf
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