Cementing & Fracturing Units

Cementing and Fracturing Equipment
UPETROM 1 MAI S.A. manufactures and delivers a wide range of CEMENTING AND FRACTURING UNITS that are truck-mounted or skid-mounted and provided with Diesel engine power systems.

The CEMENTING AND FRACTURING UNITS are intended to be used for cementing and stimulating (fracturing and acidizing) the bore holes as well as for other servicing jobs. Our manufacturing program includes a wide range of cementing and fracturing units, mobile or skid-mounted, Diesel engine or electrically operated, capable of a hydraulic range between 175 HP and 1,300 HP and maximum working pressures up to 1,400 bar (20,000 psi).

These CEMENTING AND FRACTURING UNITS are provided with one or two triplex plunger or piston pumps of unitized design; this special design allows a volumetric efficiency that exceeds 90% under natural suction conditions, any supercharging being avoided. All the pumps are equipped with forged-steel fluid ends, high pressure metal-to-metal or stuffing box sealing; these pumps allow a free access to the valves and they are mounted on steel frames. The triplex pumps are driven by means of high safety mechanical transmissions that need a minimum of maintenance requirements during their use. These transmissions are provided with braking systems that stop them quickly.

The CEMENTING UNITS include a measuring tank of 4 cu.m. which is divided into two equal compartments that are steel-manufactured and internally aluminum-coated for protection against corrosion. The measuring tanks permit each pump to suck independently from each compartment.

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