The smelting aggregata and laboratory and control apparata permit a large range of steel and cast iron brands to be produced

The VODC type system was purchased in 1995 from the ALD Vacuum technologied GmbH. Treating the liquid steel is performed into a conevrter blasting oxygen and refining under vacuum and 0.7 mbar pressure conditions. Argon barbotage applied simulatneously.

VODC – Type System • Technoligical Possible Procedures of the VOD – System – (VD) degassing under vacuum conditions and argon barbotage – (VD) steels of average carbon content – (VOD) carbon oxidation by oxygen blasting – (VOD) degassing under vacuum conditions and argon barbotage – (VOD) steels of low carbon content

• Advantage – high degree of gas content reduction (H2, N2, O2) – elemination of impurities – content less than 0.01 % of S – low carbon content steel smelting – high degree of chromium recovery for high alloy steel

• Used technologies – Electric – arc furnace – Electric furnace + argon barbotage – Electric furnace + VODC + VD – Electric furnace + VODC + VOD – Electric furnace + graphite blasting – Induction furnace – Electric arc furnace + induction furnace

• Steel for Casting – Unalloyed steels : according to : SR ISO 3755, STAS 600, ASTM A 216 – WCA, WCB, WCC ASTM A 352 – LCA, LCB, LCC – API 600 – Light alloy steel and alloy steel : according to : SR ISO 9477, STAS 1779, ASTM A 487 requirements; 45k, 60K, 75k type steel – API Spec 6Al; firm standards – Staintess steels according to the ASTM A 217 requirements ; CA15; C5; WC6; WC9 used for parts working under environmental conditions containing high H2S and CO2 concentration values – Refractary steels : for transport gratings and other components utilized under high temperature conditions – Manganous steels (Hadfield) 12 – 14 % Mn : wear resistant parts

• Steels for Forging Ingots Polygonal ingots of 2t to 10t cast directly or cast in syphon argon – splashed or vacuum treated steel; the steel brands cover the range of all carbon steels to the high alloy ones

• Cast Iron Castings – grey cast iron and grey cast iron of high resistance – phosphorous alloyed grey cast iron for railway waggons – chromium – alloyed refractary cast iron – nodukar cast iron – SR EN 1563; firm standards

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