Hydraulic Control Units

The CH-76/2 – type hydraulic control units as well as the CH-796-EPH- type hydraulic control units are intended to be used for producing, accumulating and distributing energy, materialized in a quantity of pressurized fluid that actuates 6 or 7 closing-in devices belonging to a hydraulically-actuaded blowout preventing unit. The hydraulic connection between the hydraulic control unit subassemblies and the hydraulically-actuaded blowout preventing units includes several pipes mounted on skids interconnected by hinged pipes provided with quick unions.

The hydraulic systems allow to be actuated as follows:

  • “Closed-Opened” from the control panel;
  • “Closed” from the control panel and “Closed-Opened” from the pressure unit with priority of the “Closed” control;
  • “Closed-Opened” from the pressure unit, the control panel being disconnected.

Each modality of actuation is selected from the pressure unit.

UPETROM 1 MAI S.A. also manufactures EPE-type hydraulic control units provided with electric/air operation systems and electric remote controls. These hydraulic control units are very safe and utilized for controling the blowout preventers and the valves of the blowout preventing units remotely. The use of these EPE-type hydraulic control units is specially recommended in case of certain blowout preventing units operating under cold climate conditions and/or as required.

Hydraulic Control Units
Hydraulic Control Units
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