Blowout Manifolds

The adjustable CHOKE FLOW MANIFOLDS as well as the KILL MANIFOLDS are equipped with direct flow parallel-gate valves, adjustable chokes provided with shutter, check valves; ruggedness pressure gauges for drilling fluids, quick connecting joints and deflecting tees. Three types of flow manifolds are delivered as follows:

  • STANDARD – type provided with two adjustable choke joints, a drain joint for reverse circulation (kill) and control.
  • SPECIAL – type additionally provided with a collector for expansion and distribution; all fittings of the special-type manifolds are mounted on metal skids; thus they permit to be transported under their transport condition.
  • SUPER – type provided with two manual ajustable choke joints, one or two joints provided with automatic hydraulically actuated chokes, direct drain joints, everything being installed on a metal skid.
Blowout Manifolds
Blowout Manifolds
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