The Moulding And Casting Module

Manual Moulding

• castings in dry sand moulds
• castings in moulds containing natrium silicate as binder.
• casting in self hardening moulds containing furan resin as binder
– powder – zirconium base paints
– exothermic sleeves
• poured core castings





STEEL PARTS of medium and high complexity, unique production steel parts and small series production.
• max. mass of 12t
• Max. dimensions of 4×2.2×1.5m

CAST IRON PARTS of mean and high complexity, max. mass of 14t

STEEL AND CAST IRON with mass of 1 to 100 Kg

Powered Moulding

BUDERUS – Type Moulding System
• Boxes 0f 3,000×2,200×500/500 mm
• Mass: 50 to 2,500 kg
• Self – hardening sand (no bake system)

BMD – George Fischer  Semiautomatic Moulding and Casting Line (AVAILABLE FOR  SALE)
The cast iron or steel parts are manufactured by means of a computer assisted semiautomatic system. The moulding machine applies the DYNAPLUS procedure provides a high degree of compactness (by pressing impulses ranging from 60 bar to 270 bar) and homogeneity (by pressing through 72 pistons that follow the configuration of the pattern).
• Casting manufactured in green sand moulds (guartz sand and bentonite + fillers)
• Cores obtained by the hotbox procedure

mass: from 10 kg to 300 kg
• valves bonnets and bodies
• excavator teeth
• housings, flanges etc.

mass: from 10 kg to 380 kg
• housings
• railway wagon brake shoes
• Valves, etc.
Productive capacity : 30 moulds per hour
Boxes; 1,250 x 1,000 x 400/400 mm
Anual capacity : 7,000 t of parts

Row castings cleaned, sandblasted, primary heat treatment applied
• Rough machined parts – primary heat treatment applied
• Finished parts – final heat treatment applied. If required by the client the pressure test may by performed within the existing stands.

Dimensional control, LP/ MP/ US / X ray and γ-ray controls, metallographic control.

The Pattern Shop manufactures sets of wooden or metal patterns epoxy resin patterns expanded polystyrene
Patterns for the entire range of castings manufactured by the F.P.T.F. or required by other customers.