HSE Policy

The companies within UPETROM GROUP are among the first in Romania that implemented completely the Health Safety & Environment standards.


UPETROM – 1 MAI‘ s Management assures the accomplishment of programs regarding the employees’ control, security and health. The programs are implemented by internationally certified specialists in the labor safety field. All the employees of UPETROM – 1 MAI have access to these programs, irrespective of their positions. The programs envisage the assurance of optimal means for activity at the working place and prevention of any accidents affecting the people  or the environment.

“A healthy employee, a happy family”

  • UPETROM – 1 MAI makes available to the employees specialized medical assistance.
  • We have our own medical surgeries for our employees.

“Safety at the working place, safety in life”

  • We focus on the prevention of labor related risks.
  • The accidents occur due to a complex of factors. The factors can be controlled.

“You respect the environment, you respect the future”

  • The scrap collection/transport/storage practices in UPETROM – 1 MAI are proper, generating a positive impact on the environment factors.
  • We pay full attention to the prevention of environment risks.
  • We integrate the quality standards certified by international organizations specialized in environment problems.